What It Means to Be a Modern Online Educator

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Traditional college instruction is part of a well-established tradition that has remained fairly unchanged over time. Becoming an instructor in this environment has meant conformity to teaching standards that have also remained fairly unchanged. Source: affordablequalitywriting.com See on Scoop.it – … Lees verder

Waarom kinderen niet stil kunnen zitten

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Kinderen moeten vaker stil zitten dan ooit, terwijl ze het juist minder goed kunnen. Hoe komt dat?   Concentratieproblemen nemen toe: ook bij kinderen zonder adhd. In het algemeen zijn kinderen fysiek onvoldoende toegerust om lang stil te zitten: ze … Lees verder

How Educators Around The World Are Implementing Mobile Learning (And What You Can Learn From Them) – InformED

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“n less than a decade, mobile technology has spread to the furthest corners of the planet. Of the estimated 7 billion people on Earth, 6 billion now have access to a working mobile phone. Africa, which had a mobile penetration rate of just 5% in the 1990s, is now the second largest and fastest growing mobile phone market in the world, with a penetration rate of over 60% and climbing.”

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Source: www.opencolleges.edu.au

5 Ways to Provide Parents a Window Into Your Classroom

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When I attended my daughter’s kindergarden Back-to-School Night two years ago, I was delighted to see a video of the classroom playing on a television in the corner. As a parent, it was exciting to see my child in the context of the classroom. My daughter’s teacher had simply videotaped the…


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– http://www.scoop.it/t/21st-century-learning-and-teaching/?tag=Parents


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