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Today I attended a presentation by Eric Tarantini on Social Video Learning.
In Eric’s pilot, micro-lessons of future teachers were recorded on video.
Previously, they evaluated and commented on these micro-lessons in a classical group setting, immediately after the recording.
Now they are using a cloud platform, Edubreak by Ghostthinker, to annotate the video with remarks and traffic light symbols at the timestamp where the remark is most applicable.
For each remark, a dot with the traffic light colour is placed in the video timeline.
Eric reported that this approach with pinpointed situationeel feedback led to more and richer feedback and probably a deeper learning experience for both presenter and commenters.
As they also plan to use the videos to prepare future students, they can benefit from the learnings as well.
The same format can of course be used in a lot of other situations, like sports, sales training or commenting on an existing YouTube video.
During the discussion it appeared there exists at least one other similar platform, called
I believe Social Video Learning is a welcome and promising new tool for online and blended learning.
If you agree, in what situation would you like to use Social Video Learning?
If you don’t agree, why not?