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In the Online Educa 2015 opening plenary, David Price stated that Education will have to make the same kind of shift that happened in a lot of other industries, with examples like Uber and people booking their own travel arrangements.

David Price stated that people just want control over their lives and when opportunity calls, they will take it with both hands.

That this shift is already happenings in Education as well was illustrated by the fact that currently about 40% of Googles new hires don’t have a formal degree. They acquired their skills elsewhere.

But how can Education adapt?

David is clear about the process. Just start working with the enthousiasts. Create for them a save space for innovation. Don’t yet bother about the rest. Just tell them that they don’t have to be part of it. But if you don’t want it, shut up and stay out of the way.

How do you organise the shift in Education?