Wat is Learn2grow en wat zeggen anderen?


What is Learn2grow?

Learn2grow is both a small and a large organization.
On the one hand, learn2grow is the solopreneur company of Paul Westeneng. On the other hand, it is the network of educationalists, interaction designers, illustrators, video specialists and programmers built up over the years.
Together we deliver the best possible results!


What others say

Paul really knows his stuff, is very loyal and works hard. 



Jan Willem Krooshof

Director, Lopexs BV

We can always enjoy that you see more and from an unexpected perspective than a lot of others.


Bart Andriessen

Director, Andriessen en Partners

True professional: as an expert in e-learning and in his working methods. He is always willing to share his knowledge and ideas, never forgets to get results.

Carolien Bouwmans

General Manager, Andriessen en Partners

I have worked with Paul for the past 4 years. I got to know him as involved, flexible and hard-working. He thinks along with the customer and takes a proactive approach. He is result-oriented and keeps his promises. As a person it is also nice to work with: what more do you want!

Kees Versteeg

Principal, Hondsrug College Emmen

Paul showed a good level of analysis skills and brought in the right ideas. He works well in stressful situation and can be relied on to maintain a calm approach. Paul was positively regarded among other colleagues in his work at Atos Origin.



Samir El Awadi

Global Account Director, Atos Origin

Paul is committed to what he is doing, with a great deal of creativity in the design and riguour in the execution. He is a real expert in pedagogical/IT related issues and learning. Working with him is an enrichment and a delight. He delivers value for money, without any doubt.


Walter Baets

Director, Notion Nijenrode University


Customer examples

Erasmus Medical Centre

With the medical hemophilia experts from Erasmus Medical Center, learn2grow has developed an e-learning program to support the treatment of hemophilia patients at home.
On the one hand, this increases their knowledge about what to do in an emergency situation. And on the other hand their skill in daily self-medication.

SHO Horeca

With the subject matter experts from SHO Horeca, learn2grow has developed a Social Hygiene exam training course. This resulted in a significant increase of the success rates of participants.


Almarai is the world’s largest dairy products company. Learn2grow developed an e-learning module together with p2 managers about Almarai’s company-wide Project Management method.





Learn2grow supports the VO-content foundation to train teachers to enhance teaching materials themselves based on the VO-content Star Collections.
In addition, Learn2grow supports VO-content with the development of their Learning Analytics Dashboard.


With the U.NXT bachelor’s degree, students learn to use knowledge and creativity to solve problems in companies in an innovative way. Students use MOOCs to learn at their own pace. And by working together on practical challenges, they learn to apply their knowledge and creativity. Learn2grow plays an important role in the learning programme design.

P2 Managers

With the specialists of p2 managers, learn2grow developed an e-learning module Project Management. This is used by p2 to give live training participants the same conceptual framework at the start. This significantly increases the effectiveness of classroom training and coaching.

Contact us about Learn2grow

Hoefweg 1, 2665 CB Bleiswijk
The Netherlands
+31 10 2 238 241
info @ learn2grow.nl