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What is Learn2grow?

I am Paul Westeneng. Over 10 years ago I started Learn2grow to support teachers and educators in shaping future-proof education. Education that challenges all students to get the best out of themselves, regardless of their background or level.
Education that combines proven didactic principles with effective use of technology.
Education that prepares pupils and students for their future.
I don’t do this alone, but usually collaborate on projects with others.

Blended Learning

Using the SAMR model and the iPAC framework, you will discover why online learning usually worked less well during the Covid period and how you can use technology to achieve your learning goals well and even better than in the traditional situation.

Formative Assessment

Formative assessment helps your students in knowing what quality is expected, where they stand now and what they misunderstood and helps you to organize feedback aimed at further learning. This way, the teaching material is understood better and the self-regulation of your students is stimulated.

Learning Program (re)design

We start with the learning goals of the program and how students can show that they have mastered those goals? Then we determine the steps from the initial situation to the goals. Only then we add learning material to those steps. This creates a thorough learning-oriented design.


In partnership with Frogfellows, we coordinate the accreditation of educational programs that truly prepare students for their future. By using accreditation through a UK university,  students get a full university degree.

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