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What is Learn2grow?

More than 10 years ago I started Learn2grow alongside a full-time job. Especially to try things together with customers that did not fit in with my normal job at the time. Now, a lot of valuable experiences later, I work full-time on Learn2grow and I also make extensive use of the expertise of others, like interaction designers, illustrators, video specialists and programmers.
Together we reach the best results!  >>

Optimal e-learning

What does Learn2grow do for you?

We start with a thorough analysis. What exactly are the learning objectives? What are the characteristics of the target group?
We then design and build optimal e-learning content that allows your students or employees to learn efficiently and with fun.
If you want, we also provide worry-free hosting.
Learn2grow is certified for e-Moderating and Learning Analytics. >>

Optimal content

Based on defined Learning Outcomes and John Sweller’s Cognitive Load theory, we make learning materials that fit your learners perfectly.


Along Gilly Salmon’s 5-Stage Model we provide optimal support for social and constructive learning.

Cloud hosting

You don’t have a learning platform? No problem!
We set up a Moodle environment with your own corporate identity.

Learning analytics

You get the best results through continuous improvement. With Learning Analytics you know where the improvement is most effective.

Please contact us

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The Netherlands
+31 10 2 238 241
info @ learn2grow.nl